Memorable NBA All-Star Moments: Hart’s MVP, Durant’s “Media Don’t Know Shit”, Arianna Grande & Nicki Minaj

( Victor Allen’s “Nu New Sportz” is a recurring segment of the Morning Coffee Show featuring fun, competitive reality talk. – Nu New Sportz returns for a special 2015 Monday night live show launch showcasing the reality of sports talk, even when it’s not sports. What was the most memorable moment of the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend? Kevin Hart’s 4th consecutive celebrity game All-Star MVP, Kevin Durant’s “Media Don’t Know Shit”, or the Arianna Grande-Nicki Minaj halftime performance (Booty vs. Cutie)? Which NBA All-Star celebrities are Superstars? On the other side of the world, the bull that gored the shit out of Benjamin Miller. Host Meko Williams joins our interactive reality sports segment. Come join our interactive reality sportz show and live chat special. We apply one or more categories, (BALLIN*UPSET*LETDOWN*WHATEVER*BIG PIMPIN*FOR THE LADIES, AARP and new category ‘Spanked That Ass’), if applicable. Let’s do sportz! (02-16-15)

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