iVictor Featuring Meko’s Challenge: Meko Attempts To Massage Mike’s Mind For Some Truth Or Dare! (1-20-17)

Meko plans to make moves toward a serious relationship with Mike, who is technically married and the best friend of ex boo Marvin! Last episode Meko had to make sure she’s clear of her former ex, Victor Garcon. We wonder does she have any remaining emotional feelings for her aggressive, disruptive former ex, because she responds by visiting Victor with the excuse of a casual drive by. Hmmm… She also wasn’t as successful in telling Victor Garcon to back off. Meko knows she should back off a married man, but wants Mike to be a little more aggressive and calls him for the unexpected.

A uniquely comedic sexy adult reality experience created and hosted by “HOtt PiXX” originator Victor Allen, and featuring the lovely Meko Williams who is challenged with every episode. Live broadcasts Friday nights @ 9PM PST.

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