Pax Stereo Guru Victor Allen & Aaron Bell at a recent taping of iVictor

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“It is important to STAND. Stand up for something! Times some time require more, and believe it or not, THAT is what Pax Stereo is about, and THAT is what Victor Allen and I have dedicated ourselves to. This is internet television. This is a movement of broadcast by and for the commen man and woman. Whether we are joking or serious, make no mistake about our intentions. THIS is a battle for the hearts and minds of the masses, and a global effort to educate and recruit people into being broadcasters AND listeners. WE are building a global community, and it is unprecedented. We are not sure where we are going, we are just aware that we lead.” – Mario Hemsley,MD  June 28, 2017

Meet Dr Mario Hemsley

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Morning Coffee With Mario Special Edition
Recorded Live Monday, May 22nd

Mario’s Predictions For The Trump Presidency
We Wanted To Be On Record First!

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Membership Update: 3,150 Members @ Pax Stereo Tv

Summer Season Series Programming In Full Effect!

There Are New Opportunities For YOU @ Pax Stereo Tv

The Journey continues…

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Pics by Vic – Victor Allen’s Photo Slide Show

Our Photography Master Is In The House!
Self Taught & Always Inspired

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Opportunities @ Pax Stereo


What We Are Looking For In The Immediate Future

What We Are Looking For Long Term

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