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Marijuana 4 Dummies

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Membership Update: 3,391 Members @ Pax Stereo Tv

We Have Upgraded Our Music Archives – All 9 CDs!

New Photo Album Archives Unveiled! More To Come!

Mario’s NeoUrban Road Trip: Mario’s Back From Chicago!

Summer Season Series Programming Adds New Shows

The Journey continues…

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Mario’s Predictions For The Trump Presidency

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Mario’s NeoUrban Road Trip Chicago Animation

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Good Newz, Bad Newz, & the Other Shit!

Weekly Trump Disaster Update

Where We Stand Today

Omarosa spoke on a panel at a black journalist convention, and it sounded like a trainwreck

Long Beach Settles Lawsuit After Police Forcibly Remove Woman’s Hijab

Newsweek Exclusive: North Korean Missile Claims Are ‘a Hoax’

We may have seen the future of TV news this week, and we like it

Historically black beach enclaves are fighting to save their history and identity

25 percent of US Christians believe in reincarnation

More Mind-blowing Banana Facts That Will Make You Rethink Everything (#10-20)

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Mario’s Marijuana 4 Dummies

Marijuana’s Popularity Among US Adults Continues to Grow. Here’s Why

Why the U.S. government holds a patent on cannabis plant compounds

D.C. Marijuana Market: Stuck In A Gray Zone

Potheads rejoice: Illinois lawmakers move to legalize recreational weed

Bills were introduced in both the state house and senate today that would make it legal for people 21 and older to purchase, possess, and grow limited amounts of pot. The bills would establish a system by which businesses are licensed and regulated to grow process, test, and market the drug to adults. The legislation also proposes taxing wholesale sales of weed at a rate of $50 per ounce and subjecting retail sales to the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax.

The law would also allow Illinois residents to grow up to five pot plants, says Dan Linn, executive director of the Illinois chapter of NORML, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, who was at the statehouse Wednesday.

Every State Could Legalize Marijuana by 2021

States Offer Breaks to Minority Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Money Morning Staff Reports: Legal Weed Is Creating a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

No sanctuary for marijuana in California

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Loveshadow – “His Kiss”

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Nu New Sportz


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