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Communicating Globally To An Evolving NeoUrban Village
“The World is beginning to recognize that We are a global community.” – Mario Hemsley

Updated: June 21, 2017

Summer Season 2017 In Full Effect!

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Morning Coffee With Mario Special Edition
Recorded Live Monday, May 22nd

Mario’s Predictions For The Trump Presidency
We Wanted To Be On Record First!

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Pax Stereo Is Implementing The New Facebook Live 360 Immersive Experience

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Membership Update: 2,873 Members @ Pax Stereo Tv

The Fifth Season Completed – New Tech Expansion & New Social Media Integration

Summer Season Series Programming Resumes Monday, June 19th

Pax Stereo Saturday Nights Schedule Coming Soon

New Friday Night Agenda Coming In July – The Courtyard Is Supreme!

Our New Creative Energies Make 2017 Look Busy

There Are New Opportunities For YOU @ Pax Stereo Tv

The Journey continues…

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Join Us For Pax Stereo Saturday Nights!
The Last Saturday Of Every Month

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It’s Saturday Night, Let’s Stay Home!

The original Pax Stereo Saturday Night Mellow Jam! Chillin’ and illin’ with the Pax Stereo Crew as we wax eloquent with selfies, vintage Pax shit, music and a host of secrets from our hidden archives. 420 Friendly so bring your smoke, your drink and all your homies. You can join in from home and say some money. Go and order on Grubhub now that the entertainment is FREE! Pax Stereo Saturday Night. The last Saturday of every month. Season returns in May, 2017. Be there!


We Also Have A Friday Night Agenda That Resumes In April!

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Opportunities @ Pax Stereo


What We Are Looking For In The Immediate Future

What We Are Looking For Long Term

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We Thank U For Watching & Promise More!

11,303,382 Viewer Minutes  @

2,867,732 Views @ theLZ (Local Zone)

1,412,357 Views @ Pax Stereo Youtube

444,913 Views @ Morning Coffee YouTube

483,819 Views @ HOtt PiXX YouTube

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We Are 420 Friendly!

If You Don’t Smoke, Come Drink, Eat Or Just Enjoy The Vibe!
Pax Stereo New Marijuana Policy
Bring Your Requests & Join Us In The Chat Room!
U R The DJ!
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On Line With Mac “Retro Jazz & Blues”

“Get Your Chill Ready Before The Impeachment Hearings!”


Broadcasts Monday – Saturday @ 9AM PST – Latest Episode Recorded Saturday 6-10-17
( Mac McAlister’s On Line With Mac Retro Jazz & Blues (Weekly Recurring Music Series), the #1 Retro Jazz & Blues Show: Got time to chill out before the presidential impeachment hearings? Grab something to smoke, something to drink, and get into your Zen mode, it’s time for On Line with Mac Retro Jazz & Blues. Come on down! (6-10-17)

Join Us In The Chat Room!

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Pax Stereo Online
Our Online Network Portal To All Things Pax Stereo


Pax Stereo Tv
An Evolving High Tech Playground & The Place To Watch


Club Pax Stereo
U Can Join Our Growing Community & Make It Your Home


Pax Stereo Mobile

Optimized For Phones & Tablets – Saves U $$$$

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