iVictor Photo Experience


iVictor Photo Experience

Unscripted Fun: The Object Of My Affection & Roleplay With Michele Gerren At Meet N’ Greet Social Setting!

 The Scene:

Special first time guest Michel Gerren participates in the scene, “The Object Of My Affection”, or moreover, motivation. Michele and Victor casually met because they are sitting at the same table. Each time Michele leaves her seat and returns, objects are on the table to elicit a favorable real response as Victor stares her down hoping to gain a thumbs up. Four objects and which object speaks Michele’s language? Seagrams V.O. Whiskey, Black & White Old Film Classics Picture Book, Moet Champagne and Jewelry Box. 

ivictor is an unscripted situational experience with non-actors for fun and begs to determine the difference of being on video versus the real life scenario. Each scene ends with a brief, casual photo shoot.

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