iVictor Featuring Meko’s Challenge: What’s Meko’s Next Move? Hopeful Best Man Is Married Says Ex Boo! (12-30-16)

Just when Meko thinks she has control, she doesn’t! In our previous episode, Meko hosted a Christmas event with Marvin, with uninvited Mike and Victor Garcon crashing the party. Recent ex boo Marvin recognizes Meko’s strong attraction to his best friend Mike and drops the “Mike’s married bomb”. Why is Marvin’s throwing his friend Mike under the bus? Meanwhile, Meko’s face froze upon hearing from Mike and must decide on her next move. Victor Garcon feels no man connects with Meko, and they all will fail.

iVictor Featuring Meko’s Challenge is a uniquely comedic sexy adult reality experience created and hosted by “HOtt PiXX” originator Victor Allen, and featuring the lovely Meko Williams who is challenged with every episode. Live broadcasts Friday nights @ 9PM PST.

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