Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz: Why Russell Westbrook Won’t Win NBA MVP, Best Fit For Heisman Winner Lamar Jackson (12-12-16)

Lamar ‘Heisman’ Jackson’s NFL Ineligibility Causes Value Drop, OKC’s Westbrook MVP Bias

Lamar ‘Heisman’ Jackson wins and then loses right after being crowned number one NCAA football player. Declared ineligible for the upcoming NFL draft, this could result in money lost. Lamar Jackson’s best NFL fit is the question, with choices including under-performing high draft organizations such as San Francisco, Cleveland, Jacksonville and the New York Jets. If Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, or Chris Paul put up as many triple-doubles as Oklahoma Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, the MVP would be well on its way as a sure lock! What’s working against Russell Westbrook’s MVP lock? (12-12-16)

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