Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz: Aqib Talib Snatches Michael Crabtree’s Gold, & It’s Hurt Hotel For Raiders & Chip Kelly (1-2-17)

Oakland Raider wide receiver Michael Crabtree took the high road after Denver Broncos’ defensive back Aqib Talib snatched Crabtree’s gold chain from around his neck. From a distance, Talib’s act looks like a bitch slap. The Hurt Hotel welcomes the physically injured, and also those who are collateral damage disabled by corporate decisions. Welcomed to the Hurt Hotel are Oakland Raider QB Matt McGloin with a recent injury against the Denver Broncos, fired Forty Niner coach Chip Kelly, and Forty Niner General Manager Trent Baalke. In addition, San Diego Chargers fired coach Mike McCoy and  future considerations for the hotel inclulde the LA Rams executive staff. Meko Williams joins the live featured sports segment. (1-2-17)

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