iVictor Featuring Meko’s Challenge: Meko Needs A Break & Len Rosen Returns For More! (2-17-17)

Married man Mike surprised Meko with a two week notice in our previous episode. The drive by catches Meko by surprise, and Mike is very confident and acting a little different. Meko’s head is spinning, and it began with Facebook postings by Victor Garcon, Mike, and Marvin.
Just when Meko feels she needs a social media and real life break, Len Rosen returns for his unscripted social imprint. Len see’s an opening in the game and want’s to make an attempt at reconciliation. What’s up with the Meko men’s Facebook status?

The iVictor Experience – Featuring Meko’s Challenge is a uniquely comedic sexy adult reality experience created and hosted by “HOtt PiXX” originator Victor Allen, and featuring the lovely Meko Williams who is challenged with every episode. Live broadcasts Friday nights @ 9PM PST.

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