iVictor Featuring Meko’s Challenge: Vic G Complicates Mike’s Business Proposition (3-17-17)

In the latest roleplay reality, Mike’s temporary moment of fear shows another side Meko wasn’t expecting. Mike struggled to explain the business opportunity introduced in last week’s episode while Victor Garcon appears to be more involved behind the scenes. Meko’s admission of breast surgery and follow-up issue caught everyone off guard. Meko needs money and a commercial production opportunity might be just what she needs. Victor Garcon reveals some interesting news about Twitching Mike.

The iVictor Experience – Featuring Meko’s Challenge is a uniquely comedic sexy adult reality experience created and hosted by “HOtt PiXX” originator Victor Allen, and featuring the lovely Meko Williams who is challenged with every episode. Live broadcasts Friday nights @ 9PM PST.

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