NeoUrban Road Trip Chicago: Mario Hemsley Finds Summer In The Windy City Is Really Cool! (8-8-17)

Target City: Chicago

Here is my goal. To explore, learn, and ultimately to feel. THAT’S what I want. To experience and to feel. What are the things that make one city different from another? Is this what is meant by the “character” of a city? I wonder, and I need to know.  Because of this, I travel.

My List of Things To Consider For This Trip:

Recreational Marijuana In Chicago

History of African Americans In Chicago

Live Music Chicago

Chicago River Tour

Hampton Inn Chicago

The L Train Downtown Chicago

African American Heritage: Chicago

8 Places In Chicago To Celebrate Black History Year-Round

What To Do On A Layover In Chicago

“I love the food in Chicago, high and low!” Anthony Bourdain talks Chicago

Munchies Stephanie Izard

The concept is simple. Travel to America’s most unique urban environments to experience the sights, the food, the drink, and of course, look at all the lovely ladies. OK, we’ll show you some male eye candy also, but the goal is always the same; good eats and good times. Join our guru, Mario Hemsley, as he travels the country in search of what we all are looking for.

Mario Hemsley, MD is the creator and developer of the Pax Stereo NeoUrban Network, and the host of Morning Coffee With Mario, the Quiet Storm Interactive DJ Experience, and Mario’s Magic Mixtape. He and his partner Victor Allen have uploaded over 8,000 videos and are the motivating force behind today’s neourban broadcast movement.

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