Mario’s Magic Mixtape returns with an all new format, and freebies for all. Now featuring ALL FREE MUSIC, you can join us and then download all the music FREE OF CHARGE! You also can spread it around to your friends LEGALLY. Broadcast LIVE from our courtyard, and featuring our Virtual Dance Crew, begin your Friday Night Agenda with us. It will be the place to be.

Mario’s Magic Mixtape is our guru’s latest musical interactive DJ experience. One full hour of music in a mix you would never imagine and ALL the music is available FREE! Live broadcast Friday nights from 8-9PM. 

Show #5 Mixtape Tentative Playlist:

  1. His Kiss
  2. Maybe Today
  3. Where Do We Go
  4. Flow (Flute)
  5. Drunk In A Smokey Bar
  6. Leave Me (Reprise)
  7. Crazy Love
  8. Some Know Love
  9. Pieces of Manderlay
  10. Funny
  11. Too Young
  12. Listen He Calls
  13. The Reason

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