Cozmo – My Latest Robot Friend

@8PM it’s What I’m Doing! Dr Mario Hemsley’s Dumb Diary premieres. The Friday Night Agenda is broadcast LIVE from the Pax Stereo Studio in View Park, Los Angeles, it’s FREE, and it will be the place to be. Enjoy our guru’s latest musical interactive DJ experience. One full hour of a mix you would never imagine. Live broadcast Friday nights.


  • My Latest Adventure With Apple: Replacing A Broken iPad
  • Cozmo – My Latest Robot Friend
  • Adobe Spark – My Desktop & Mobile Photo & Video Production Choice
  • – Why I Am Loving This Guide To Learning From Icons
  • Adding Camera Skills For 2018: Gimbals & Photo Editing – Osmo & DJI
  • Robot Spiders & Other A.I. Companions

What I’m Doing! Dr Mario Hemsley’s Dumb Diary 2-9-18 

What I’m Doing! Dr Mario Hemsley’s Dumb Diary – Premiere (PDF)

Dr Mario Hemsley is Pax Stereo’s creator and CEO, and he is living the dream of bringing internet television and citizen journalism to the masses. But just how is he REALLY spending his time. Well, now you get to know, and even ask some questions live. Join us for this unscripted look into the world of one of today’s movers and shakers. You won’t regret it.

What I’m Doing! Dr Mario Hemsley’s Dumb Diary is the Pax Stereo tech guru’s latest experiment in self-expression. An unscripted conversation about what has captured his imagination and focus. All episodes include an iTunes Playlist and Episode Playbook.

Dr Mario Hemsley

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