Tonight the focus is on our favorite “trouble man”, and one of the most important musical artists of our time, Marvin Gaye. Join us for a full one hour of the music of one of our most loved. Be there.

Mario’s Magic Mixtape is our guru’s latest musical interactive DJ experience. One full hour of music that focuses on a unique musical theme in a mix you would never imagine! Live broadcast Friday nights from 7:30-8:30 PM(3-30-18)

Download The Official iTunes Playlist For This Episode

A Note Regarding Playlists: “These playlists are like a virtual music crate where I gather songs for a show. There is no specific order, other than I tend to put the more important tracks toward the top, and that is only a tendency. The idea is to have potential selections one click away. I do use this playlist like a football coach uses his playlist, it signals my intent, but not the order in which I will bring it.” – Mario

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