Spring is here, and while things are just beginning to slowly warm up, spring fever seems to be in full effect as the dating rituals begin and the seasonal dance is now in full effect. We have just the music for you. Let the chase begin!

The Quiet Storm is Pax Stereo’s seminal interactive DJ experience that was born right here out of our interactions with YOU. Live 2-way interaction hosted by Mario Hemsley and the Morning Coffee Crew. Features Victor Allen’s Featured Artist of the Week and our own brand of extreme social media. Join us Tuesday nights @ 8PM PST. 420 Friendly Programming (4-3-18)

Download The Official iTunes Playlist For This Episode

A Note Regarding Playlists: “These playlists are like a virtual music crate where I gather songs for a show. There is no specific order, other than I tend to put the more important tracks toward the top, and that is only a tendency. The idea is to have potential selections one click away. I do use this playlist like a football coach uses his playlist, it signals my intent, but not the order in which I will bring it. Oh, and they can change CONSTANTLY!” – Mario

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