We have been off for a while, and it feels really good to be back! There is a lot to talk about as we catch up, and the news continues to shock and alarm us in what has become the “New Normal”.


  • Newz & Other Shit:  The New Normal Continues As The Trump Camp Circles The Wagons And Prepares For War, Kanye: Why This Is Really Common & Sad
  • Marijuana 4 Dummies: Yes, Weed Prices Are Dropping (If You Haven’t Noticed), Wake & Bake Is America’s Amsterdam Inspired Coffee Shop
  • Nu New Sportz:  Much Anticipation for Rockets-Warriors Playoff as Celtics Plan Lebron’s Defense!
  • HOtt PiXX:  Wikipedia Study Shows Top 10 Most Controversial People & We Bet #1 Is A Surprise!

Here are the stories:

Newz & Other Shit:  Well the news has been very busy, but what else is new. Cameo fever hits SNL as Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johanson, and even Stormy Daniels makes an appearance, as the porn star takes a moment to issue a threat to the President, and even Fox News begins to criticize the President in public. We also take a moment to comment on the evolving controversy surrounding pop star, Kanye West. Time for us to acknowledge and empathize with those suffering mental illness.

Marijuana 4 Dummies: Yes, and I know you noticed, marijuana prices are dropping, and at times it seems dramatically so. Estimates show wholesale prices may drop as much as 50%! What does this mean to the consumer? You can be sure, it won’t be all good. We also take a moment to visit and enjoy “America’s Amsterdam inspired coffee shop”, Wake and Bake (www.wakenbakeclub.com).

Nu New Sportz:  The Eastern and Western NBA Conference semi-finals entertain possible sweeps by the Cleveland Cavaliers over Toronto Raptors, and the Boston Celtics over the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. The much anticipated NBA Western Conference Finals between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors style of play will be showtime on steroids. We discuss the Oklahoma Thunder year in review and whether they made progress with the additions of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. It’s a man’s world in the NHRA top fuel and funny car divisions, but not at the Southern Nationals held in Commerce Georgia recently. The fastest cars taking home the Wally trophy were by Top Fuels Leah Pritchett and Funy Car champ Courtney Force.

HOtt PiXX:  JV Chamary, an award winning science journalist conducted a Wikipedia project study of the 100 Most Controversial People. Criteria for study was the number of times each person’s page has been revised since 2001. We feature the top 10 from the list, and we think the number one may surprise you. The list includes Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jesus Christ, Kane (Wrestler), Michael Jackson, Roger Federer, and The Undertaker (Wrestler).

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