It’s Monday, and along with all the political change, Mario has shaved off the beard. Now the ladies are weighing in with their preferences, causing him to reflect on his recent connection with a “quiet” girlfriend from his past. The news is all about the Saudi murder of a US resident journalist and just who is the predicted candidate for the Dems in 2020.


  • Newz & Other Shit: Disaster Relief Criticism, Saudi Assassination Backlash, Who Will Be The Democratic Party 2020 Candidate?
  • Marijuana 4 Dummies: Vermont Legislates Legal Weed, Newsweek Magazine’s “Weed” Edition
  • Nu New Sportz: Conor McGregor Strut Wins In Losing & Terence Crawford Wait’s For Big Pay Day
  • HOtt PiXX: Are These Female Celebrities Better Before Or After Plastic Surgery?

In the News, disaster relief after the recent storm devastation has residents and officials wondering if help will ever come, the recent Saudi torture and beheading of a US resident journalist in a Turkish consulate, has the world up in arms as Trump references a $110 billion dollar arms deal, and the Dems are looking at Joe Biden as a potential candidate in 2020. As the fight over Joe Biden begins to solidify, perhaps the answer comes as the emerging presence of Beto O’Rourke.

In Marijuana 4 Dummies, the Vermont legislature gets ahead of voters by legalizing recreational marijuana without the need of a public vote, international marijuana exporters are preparing for the future, and Newsweek Magazines unveils it’s latest “Weed” Edition.

In Sportz, what’s the difference between the undefeated welterweight pound for pound champion Terence Crawford’s recent victory over previously undefeated Jose Benavidez Jr. and Conor McGregor? Obviously a big payday and maybe marketing swag in losing. Who are the top NFL teams through week six? Our 2018 NFL rookie quarterback challenge for the best hope to lead his team to a possible playoff berth has New York Jets Sam Darnold leading into week six. The NFL’s Todd Gurley, Blake Bortles, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys make a statement in week six competitions.

In HOtt PiXX, some of the most popular female entertainers are beautiful without question. Which of the following ladies presents the most natural result of plastic surgery, if applicable. A few celebrities have not confirmed or denied going under the knife and the ladies include Cardi B, Megan Fox, Kylie Jenner, Ciara, Khloe Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Beyonce

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