We’re back! We have to pinch ourselves to be sure we are here! No question we have missed you, and that leaves so much to talk about. So, get your coffee and you munchies cause it’s time to schmooze! Come on down!



In the Newz, once again controversy abounds. A lot of folks are pissed off about the Michael Jackson expose “Leaving Neverland”, and it is causing folks to even get hostile with Oprah! We take a look at why the Boeing plane crashes reveal deeper problems with our we check our planes, and Dr Dre says his daughter got into USC the good old fashioned way.


In the Trump Update, the Mueller Report is out, but not to us. In fact, all we have is a four page summary prepared by the Attorney General that seems to have some obvious bias. We now know the conclusion, but we want to see the evidence.


In Marijuana 4 Dummies, in 2019 marijuana stands to become legal throughout most of the United States. There are other countries even more progressive as Uruguay and Canada take the lead in nationwide legalization. We take a moment to look at the current of affairs for medical and recreational marijuana in the states and worldwide.


In Sportz, Lonzo Ball has $1.5 Million reasons to break away from Big Baller Brand, and so far Lavar  is silent about his business partner Alan Foster. Many complain about the effect of Affirmative Action for equal opportunity regarding minorities, but our society accepts preferred access for the Rich and Elite. Is the recent college admissions scandal just another form of Affirmative Action. Murray State’s Ja Morant makes a great presentation to prospective NBA teams during March Madness, and Duke barely squeezes into sweet sixteen. New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski retires at 29 and the debate begins on the greatest NFL tight end of all time. 


In HOtt PiXX, inspiring stories kick off our new spring season launch with our feature “The Color Of Fitness Inspiration”. Women of empowerment overcoming obstacles and turning  personal hurdles into entrepreneurial success is the focus of the day. The following women are featured: Brittne Babe, Massy Arias, Quiana Welch, Lita Lewis and Anowa Adjah. Come join our interactive reality segment of empowerment for fun, personal enjoyment and fulfillment. 


Spring Season Premiere Live 360 VR Version


(Our 360 cameras seem to overheat and crash at about 15-20 minutes in. Sorry!)

360-degree VR (360-degree virtual reality) is an audiovisual simulation of an altered, augmented or substituted environment that surrounds the user, allowing them to look around them in all directions, just as they can in real life.

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