It’s Week 2 of the Fall 2019 Season, and things are going remarkably well with minimal technical problems as the Team adds new lighting and other studio improvements. But Mario forgot to go to the dispensary, and that means a show under the influence of an indica. Woooo! Hold onto your hat!


In The Wake Up, Victor Allen is starting sh*t this morning, pointing out the controversy of Pax Stereo’s perpetually single leadership. Why are they single? Also Mario’s latest photos using two mannequins has people talking too! Are the mannequins being focused on due to their complexion and outfits? Is Mario showing the light skinned mannequin more love? Hmmm….

In the Newz, no, it is not your imagination. The political scene is suddenly very hot and changing more minute by minute. We told you the President would continue to break laws right up until impeachment, and so it is. Could it be we are finally headed to a full impeachment?

In Marijuana 4 Dummies, the Marijuana industry is hailing a recent passage of a bill to provide funding to the growing marijuana industry. Unable to access traditional banking services, the growth of the marijuana industry has been hampered by being a “cash only” system, complete with all the accounting and security issues. Now all we have to do is wait on the Senate, but it may mean just waiting on a block.

In Sportzare pro sports celebrity fans good for business and brand team recognition? Probably a no-brainer yes, and a few celebrities obviously benefit from the exposure. Can we tell the difference between a ride-or-die celebrity super fan vs. a self-serving brand celebrity fan? Our Antonio Brown Watch shocks very few as we witness an escalation grievance against the NFL of record proportions. The Gurley Watch (LA Rams RB Todd Gurley) continues with an output totaling 16 yards rushing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The big three NFL RB’s (Barkley, Gurley, Elliott) are changing teams fortunes in 2019 for better or worse. Is three the charm as MLB playoffs begin with the LA Dodgers favored to reach the World Series representing the National League Champions?

In HOtt PiXX,  hairstyles have been evolving, and are now more diverse than ever, especially for the african-american men. We evaluate some popular styles that are always trending, and a few that should never return if possible.

Morning Coffee With Mario is Pax Stereo’s flagship AM series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by Pax Stereo guru Mario Hemsley with co-host Victor Allen, Morning Coffee will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. Includes Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz and HOtt PiXX by Vic. Live Mondays @ 10AM PST.  (9-30-19)

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