It’s Week #3, and the news is all Trump’s Ukraine BS leading to a more certain impeachment. It seems around the world seems to be smelling a change coming for the US. Will the GOP bail on a losing situation? Miley Cyrus calls out slut shamers who give men a pass, and folks out there continue to obsess over the glut of chicken sandwiches appearing on the market. Popeye’s sandwich is still unavailable, and driving people crazy!


In the Newz, Popeye’s long anticipated chicken sandwich is STILL listed as “sold out” and unavailable while KFC charges on with their “chicken & donuts” sandwich, two young African-Americans win Harvard’s high school debate contest, Miley Cyrus calls us out for slut-shaming her while men get a pass, and of course we have to consider Trump, and the county’s spiral toward impeachment as the Ukraine investigation grows and grows.

In Marijuana 4 Dummies, with the 2020 presidential elections growing near, we begin to wonder just where the candidates stand when it comes to the all important issue of marijuana legalization.  Where do the candidates stand when it comes to weed, after all, this is our future?

In Sportz,  we take a stroll down memory lane to take a look at some of the sexe\ist, racist and downright odd vintage marketing ads from our country’s past. You will be amazed at what was once acceptable. A few of the familiar names include Sega, Van Huesen, and Tiparillo.

In HOtt PiXX,warning, sometimes our content subject matter goes astray. The debate of the greatest all-time athlete will never be unanimous, and makes for a lot of heated conversation. We all tend to live in the moment, and many simply cannot live in another time. In this light, we do our best to select our greatest multi-sport pro. Our periodic review of quirky spending habits of past and current professional athletes begins with, “Yes I Bought That”. The DOHA World Track & Field mommies deliver gold, and Pittsburgh Steeler QB Mason Rudolph must walk it off after a brutal hit.

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