11-8-19 @ 1922 hrs

Watching some documentaries (which I love), and the subject of “nepenthe” comes up. This was a strange show, with an author claiming aliens used a “milk of nepenthe” to make him forget. History Channel is really waaay different now. But, anyway, back to nepenthe. Now this word, “nepenthe”, is special to me because for years it was my code word for marijuana. Serious. It was because of my early reading, when I fell in love with the work of Edgar Allen Poe, with his wonderful internal rhyme. It was this line in “The Raven,” Poe said:

Quaff oh quaff this kind Nepenthe and forget the lost Lenore.
Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

I went in search of nepenthe. In fact, it is the title of my yet to be released first solo music project. “In Search Of Nepenthe” is very special project to me, and so I always notice the word when I see it in use. But what was it really?

Nepenthe, whatever it was, was obviously the first anti-depressant. Why am I thinking about this? Not sure. Yes, this is exactly the kind of journey my mind goes on and simply takes me along for the ride.

Nepenthe eased my sorrow, and allowed me to relax and be creative. I believe that this “creativity” is our connection to a greater energy. Definitely leads into periods of creative output and thought. I have always felt creativity connected me to God. It feels so ethereal and wondrous when I make stuff. I don’t know. What do you all think? It is a question I always wanted to sit around and discuss with my creative friends.

Well, for now, nepenthe. Ahhh…

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