Thanksgiving is here, and the emotional and financial preparations for the holidays are getting to fire up. Black Friday is looming, and everyone is planning to spend, more or less, and this can put a strain on relationships just when we need to be happy and in the holiday spirit. Oh, the other word for “holiday spirit” is weed. Happy Holidays!


In  Wake Up, Mario is happy and smiling now that he and the little woman have agreed on an approach to holiday spending. Did her negotiation apparel have anything to do with the results? Are we men subject to female influences we simply cannot say no to? How about you, what is happening in your home, and do you need to pull out the push-up bra? The holidays are here!

In the Newz, Cuba announces a revolutionary program to combat the “vestiges of racism” left after their cultural revolution, the Navy Secretary resigns in protest over Trump’s intervention in a controversial Navy Seal case which has the whole military in an uproar, and Rudy Giuliani digs a deeper hole as revelations emerge about his Ukrainian colleagues and the services he provided them.

In Marijuana 4 Dummies, just when marijuana retailers in California thought things were going to improve, the shit hits the fan as the state announces new marijuana taxes and  fees, leaving the growing industry horrified and realing. We remind you that this is another factor leading to what we predict will be an emerging marijuana black market more appreciated and utilized than anything the government ever imagined.

In Sportz,  what a difference a season makes in the NBA! Amazingly, the 2018 playoff contenders are hitting rock bottom in the western conference. Who’s more impressive in the year of the NBA 2019; James Harden or Luka Doncic? We review some unexpected shocking NFL results from the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and the USC Trojans. What will happen when the highest paid NFL quarterback clashes with the leading MVP quarterback? Will nationally ranked #2 St. John Bosco, CA get revenge against #1 Mater Dei, CA for the CIF Southern Section(CA) championship? Special recognition for the AMA (American Music Awards) winner during our sports weekend.

In HOtt PiXX, do braids make the women, or do the women make the braids? Style is everything, and when do they make men do a double take? We know very little about the investment of money and time needed to make braids shine. The men’s point of view should prove interesting in our reality show segment. We cover box braids, diva braids, boho braids, the one braid, crown braids, and even “sheneneh” braids.

Morning Coffee With Mario is Pax Stereo’s flagship AM series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by Pax Stereo guru Mario Hemsley with co-host Victor Allen, Morning Coffee will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. Includes Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz and HOtt PiXX by Vic. Live Mondays @ 10AM PST.  (11-25-19)

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