Morning Coffee Newz: Why Everyone Is Dissatisfied With Joe Biden (4-25-22)

Wow! Donald Trump is held in contempt and fined $10,000 dollars a day for withholding subpoenaed evidence, Macron defeats a far right wing candidate in France, China starts a new lockdown, and Mario gives a heated explanation of why it seems everyone is dissatisfied with President Biden.

Mario Hemsley is the creator and host of “Morning Coffee With Mario”, Pax Stereo’s flagship series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by the Pax Stereo guru himself with co-host Victor Allen, the Morning Coffee Team will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. 

Victor Allen is the co-host of “Morning Coffee With Mario”, a Producer of Social Media Content, and a Real Time Mobile Interactive Integration Influencer. He is a co-producer and creator of webisodes with partner Mario Hemsley, and the host and originator of The Local Zone.
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