Preshow Protocol

Preshow Tweet (Per Individual & Show): Title Specific, Hastag Specific

Schedule BlogTalkRadio Episode (Minimum 60 minutes prior to showtime)

Preshow Post & Slider Panel Setup & Publish

Transition To Live Protocol (“Sooner Rather Than Later”): Two Man Setup

Approximately 60 minutes prior to show time

V4 Video Mixer Up & Ready

Mixing Board Live With Sound Including Live Mics

Booth Monitor Setup

Booth Changes

Turn Off Autoplay

Meerkat & Periscope Setup

3 Minute Preshow Conference

Initiate Capture (Approximately 5 minutes prior to live)


Turn On Broadcast Machine Audio Line In

Preshow Audio Announcement



Post Show Protocol

Terminate Capture(s) & Verify Saves

Individual Verify Saves To Meerkat & Periscope & Storage

Live Streaming Social Media Handoff (If Necessary)

Transition & Restart Broadcast Machine

Photo Review & Selection

Photo Processing

Photo Uploads (All Outlets, Animoto HD)

Post Production Metadata Meeting (Verify Title & Description)

Video Post Production Part 1

Video Post Production Review (with Vic)

Video Post Production Part 2

Rendering Local WMV Files

Rendering HD Uploads

Uploading HD Files (Youtube & Vimeo)

Blog Posts (All Outlets)

Final Edit Review Web Posts & Slider