Edward Simpson – “One Touch”

One Touch
by Edward Simpson
© Copyright – Pax Stereo – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

Rhythm and blues
Genre: Urban/R&B: Contemporary urban
Release Date: 2003

Album Notes

“Edward Simpson has one of those voices that’s made for eliciting passionate “amens” and “hallaleujahs” from all those who hear his Gospel songs. With a voice that can only come from the soul, Simpson turns standard songs of praise into monumentally emotional testimonies of his own faith, providing plenty of reason for almost anyone to believe.”

-Listen.com – The Music Download Directory (www.listen.com) Edward Simpson is the featured voice on many of the recordings produced by the Hemsley Foster Project. Hailing from Michigan, where he was a regular performer in bands with Irvin Foster and Robert Pace, Edward has found a home here at Pax Stereo. His first solo project, One Touch, produced by Mario Hemsley and Irvin Foster, is currently available on MP3.com. Artist History
Edward Simpson was introduced to Mario Hemsley by Irvin Foster. At the time, Irvin and Mario were working on what was to be their first independent release. Asked to fill in at the last minute, Edward solidified his presence with “the project” with his spirited performance at their 1993 live performance premier at Nyala’s in Los Angeles. The One Touch CD represents his ongoing work as a member of the Pax Stereo Family.