The Vision – Pax Stereo Photo Archives

We have decided that due to popular requests, we are now developing our online photo album archives! Just for you! Please enjoy!

Vic Red Watch

Featuring The Work Of  “Visualist” Victor Allen
Visualist: noun A person with talent and skills in creating visions of visual beauty)


7-22-17: Friday Night Agenda – Meko’s Diet Hits Serious Note!

7-29-17: Friday Night Agenda – Designer Deanna Hodges Brings Men!

7-31-17: Peter J. Harris of “The Johnson Chronicles”

8-21-17: Hot Pics Photo Gallery

8-28-17: Hot Pics Photo Gallery

9-3-17: Hot Pics Photo Gallery

9-11-17: Hot Pics Photo Gallery

9-19-17: Nils Jiptner Visits

9-26-17: Len Rosen @ Season Finale