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Before We Did Internet Television We Were A Record Label!

In the early 90’s a new breed of record label was born. Fueled by the emerging technology of the personal computer, independent songwriters and producers everywhere were scrambling to embrace the idea of their own music labels, and Mario Hemsley and Victor Allen were among the earliest of innovators. Pax Stereo, the music label, was created and funded by the young Doctor Mario Hemsley, in order to produce and release the music created by his friends and himself. Thus began a long journey, one that ultimately leads us to the Pax Stereo of today, Pax Stereo Tv. Enjoy our music, it is our legacy, and a history we continue to celebrate today.

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On Tuesday, June 2, 1993, Mario Hemsley and Irvin Foster, at the continued request of friends and promoters Eric and De’Bora Griffin, gathered their friends and presented the first live performance of The Hemsley Foster Project. In the tradition of non-performing groups such as Steely Dan, Mario and Irvin had recently shunned the stage, turning instead to the recording studio. Taking their studio team to the stage presented a new challenge to the songwriting/production team, but they were more than equal to the task. Featuring original music, written and arranged by the project, the Nyala’s performance was the first glimpse of one of the up and coming adult contemporary songwriting teams of the millennium. Check out this bit of musical history, The Hemsley Foster Project goes live!


Clear Soul Live!
Clear Soul Live! (DVD)
Directed & Produced by Mario Hemsley
DVD Release Date: July 13, 2006

Cori Jacobs and his Clear Soul band perform a live in studio concert, and entertain with a mixture of smooth jazz and hip hop. Is this “neosoul?” Well, we KNOW it is good, whatever it is. Recorded using the Pax Stereo Performance Recording System with the whole Pax Stereo Team on cameras and sound. Genre: Smooth Jazz & Hip Hop

Sheryl Hooper

January 18, 2007

Format: DVD Verified Purchase


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