Morning Coffee With Mario (Full Show):  It’s Freezing Cold! Mario’s Crazy Christmas Gift Selections (12-19-16)

Christmas is approaching, and Mario has some suggestions for those who are waiting until the last minute. Zany Christmas gifts include “Dump Trump” toilet paper, a “Blow Job Bib” and “Tuggie” warmers for the family jewels.

In the Newz: In an era when the unbelievable has suddenly become believable, the President-Elect has continued to shock and awe the world with all the recent developments, and he has yet to actually assume office! Currently he has public conflicts with the CIA and China, and cabinet selections that are a fight to be had. In Marijuana For Dummies we explain the difference between indica and sativa, and why it should be important to you.

In Marijuana For Dummies: It’s Indica vs Sative, which should you choose, and Mario’ fav gift for smokers is a pipe with a built in lighter.

In Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz: Snapchat’s latest injection comes from the New York Jets’ DE Sheldon Richardson whose pre-game locker room selfie was seven seconds of misplaced motivation. 911 hurdle alert from Vikings DT Linval Joseph’s 329 pounds of boom goes head first! Former University of Connecticut soccer player, Rairana Radwan’s middle finger goes legal. Bernard Hopkins’ #52, is being called home from the boxing gods after Joe Smith KO’d the former champion right out of the ring. Which AFC and NFC team has the best chance to knock off the New England Patriots if they reach the Superbowl?

In HOtt PiXX by Vic: We recently NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager in his battle with leukemia. R.I.P. Craig Sager! We feature and vote on Craig’s most colorful NBA sideline suits. We match the best suit with Craig Sager’s Sagervision Air Jordan 1 kicks. Meko Williams joins the crew.

Pax Stereo’s flagship AM series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by Pax Stereo guru Mario Hemsley with co-host Victor Allen, Morning Coffee will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. Includes Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz and HOtt PiXX by Vic. Live Mondays @ 10AM PST. (12-19-16)


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