Manuel Rodriguez Riva

Manuel Rodriguez Riva is a highly talented musician with a passion for playing various instruments and producing exceptional music. As a professional recording artist, Manuel specializes in the horn section, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones, harmonica, and recorder. He has worked with many different genres, including world music, pop, LoFi beats, klezmer, rock, classic, jazz, and Latin music. Manuel is also an accomplished composer, arranger, and music producer who delivers more than what his clients ask for.

Throughout his career, Manuel has played a variety of instruments and has a very versatile style, always looking for the needs of music and clients. He can record scores that you send him or record improvisations, rerecordings for cover license, or make arrangements with many instruments. Manuel likes to deliver more than what his clients ask for because having more options in the studio is always better. If you need more than one instrument, the second one is 50% off.

As an accomplished musician, Manuel has participated in several albums as an interpreter, composer, and arranger. You can check out some of his work in the following link: In this link, you can hear some of Manuel’s work, including LoFi Beat Tenor Sax, Horn Section on “All the Way Down,” Horn Section on 24K, Harmonica improvisation, Recreation of “Cantina” from Star Wars, Alto Sax and harmonica solo in “Fly me to the moon,” Brazilian frevo arrangement and clarinet solo, Klezmer Clarinet, LoFi Beat Tenor Sax and composition, “Free as a Bird” (The Beatles) Woodwinds & drums version, LoFi Beat Baritone Sax, and Horn section on EDM medley.

If you’re looking for a versatile musician with a passion for producing exceptional music, Manuel Rodriguez Riva is the artist for you. With his extensive experience in playing various instruments and producing different genres, you can be sure that your music project will be in good hands. Contact Manuel today to learn more about his services and how he can help you create the music you desire.