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A Message To My Musical Team From The Artist MHem

Are you ready for a heartfelt message from the artist MHem to his musical team? Then tune in to this latest YouTube posting, where MHem shares his appreciation and gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the musicians who have helped him bring his latest creative vision to life.

In this video, MHem speaks directly to his team, thanking them for their contributions and acknowledging the impact they have had on his music. He also offers insights into his creative process and how he collaborates with his team to create unforgettable music that resonates with fans around the world. Whether you’re a fan of MHem’s music or just curious about what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry, this video is not to be missed. So grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired by the heartfelt message from MHem to his musical team. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to stay up to date on all the latest from this talented artist!


The Team

Brian Donohoe

Cory Clark

Marvin “Smitty” Smith

Derran Day

Manuel Rodriguez Riva




The Extended Family

Emanuele Filippi Piano 

Agustin Lumerman Percussion 

Meredith Moore Strings 

Andrés “El niño” Ollari Trumpet & Trombone 

Shardei Bueno @ Hit Trax MIDI Files


The Team @ SoundBetter