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Monday, July 30, 2018

We Go Live & Here Is Where!

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Wake Up & Monolog (“Funny First Five”)

Alexa Sing “Good Morning”

Intro & Welcome: TBA

Item #1 Update (Fun & Personal): Telling Your Doctor About Personal Issues (Marijuana, Sex)

Item #2 Exhale Moment (Pax Stereo Leadership Rant): Learning The New Stuff & Why We Love Our Forgiving Audience

Item #3 Funny Picture or Video @ Facebook: Frowning Baby Girl, Mario Preps For Endoscopy

People Watch: Priyanka Chopra & Kourtney Kardashian

Makes a Brother want to travel!


Kourtney Kardashian
“Don’t be shady, be a lady.”


Image result for meghan markle
Meghan seems to have bad hair days. Well, she is a sister!



Drumroll (Alexa) [Crash]


This Week @ Mac McAllister’s New Retro Jazz & Blue: TBA

Item #1: All things Crypto and Cannabis II (*Voted 25 Best LA Events by Eventbrowse), Thursday, July 26, 2018

Item #2: TBA


Weather Report (Alexa)

Item 1: Compton, CA

Item 2: Chicago, Ill

Item 3: New Orleans, La

Item : Philadelphia, Pa


Birthday Round Up (Alexa)


Upcoming Schedule

Quiet Storm: Summer Madness & Music For Getting Naked

Mario’s Magic Mixtape: The Best Pax Stereo Original Songs From Our Archives

Real Talk: TBA

iVictor – Featuring Meko’s Challenge: TBA


Today’s Topics:

Newz & Other Shit: Should Career Professionals In The Trump Administration Resign?

Marijuana 4 Dummies: Lebanon Legalizing Marijuana In Effort To Boost Economy, Other Countries Considering Legalizing Marijuana

Nu New Sportz: TBA



Membership Update:

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The Journey continues…

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Magic Looking Glass
(The “Watching You” Theme Song)


Magic, magic looking glass,

Let them know we see their ass.

Being good is such a task,

That’s why we love our looking glass!

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Mario’s Predictions For The Trump Presidency

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Good Newz, Bad Newz, & the Other Shit!

More Tennesseans are sporting Confederate flag license plates than ever before


Weekly Trump Disaster Update

Has The Country Finally Had Enough Of Trump After Russia Summit?

What Would It Take To Impeach The President?

Should Career Professionals In The Trump Administration Resign?

Image result for trump cabinet

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Mario’s Marijuana 4 Dummies

Resisting The Miseducation of Marijuana

Lebanon Legalizing Marijuana In Effort To Boost Economy
The moves comes after a report from McKinsey & Company that evaluated the economic impact of legalizing cannabis in the country.

Countries Where Is Cannabis Legal?

International Marijuana: 5 Countries to Legalize Cannabis

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Animoto Of The Week
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Weekly Music Freebies

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Happy Time!


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Nu New Sportz




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