Morning Coffee with Mario
Summer Season “Lock Down” Edition
Monday, July 27, 2020

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Wake Up & “Funny First Five”

Alexa Sing “Good Morning”

Wash Your Hands!
Wear Your Mask!



Intro & Welcome:



High Times hosting Cannabis Cup in Illinois next month


Item #1 Update (Fun & Personal): 



Item #2 Exhale Moment (Pax Stereo Leadership Rant):


Item #3 Funny Picture or Video @ Facebook:


People Watch:


Weather Report (Alexa)

Item 1: Compton, CA

Item 2: Chicago, Ill

Item 3: New Orleans, La

Item : Philadelphia, Pa


Birthday Round Up (Alexa)


Membership Update:

9,322 Members @ Pax Stereo Tv (

2,311 Members @ Club Pax Stereo (

109,898 Members @ NeoLatino Tv (

The Journey continues…


Today’s Topics:


Pandemic Update:


Immunization and Infectious Diseases

Policy Statement—Increasing Immunization Coverage




Black Live Matter Update:




Trump Update:





Marijuana 4 Dummies:


State-level marijuana decriminalization is not enough


Evanston, Illinois, finds innovative solution to funding reparations: Marijuana sales taxes


Researchers look into cannabis as a potential COVID-19 treatment


Israel’s impressive cannabis import totals, sizzling marijuana sales, social equity guidelines & more



Today’s Affirmation: TBA


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Magic Looking Glass
(The “Watching You” Theme Song)

Magic, magic looking glass,

Let them know we see their ass.

Being good is such a task,

That’s why we love our looking glass!


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2 Be Luved (BlackJays Summer Memory Mix)

Two 4 Seven

Where Do We Go? (The M.I.B. Mix)

You’ve Got Me

Our CC Music Mixtape

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Happy Time!