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Most Puerto Ricans are STILL without power.

Our citizens in the US Virgin Islands are still needing basic services restored.


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Tuesday Night Quiet Storm: Come In Out Of The Cold

Our Latest Show “Unscripting Mario Hemsley” Continues Wednesday

Friday Night Agenda 11-17-17

  • Mario’s Magic Mixtape: Artists Who Redefined Jazz, Gil Scott-Heron Mini Concert
  • iVictor Featuring Meko’s Challenge

Nils @ Saturday Night Live! Now Available For Viewing

Additions To IMDb & Amazon Prime Now Weekly

New Upgraded Newsletter – Did You Get One?

We Have Upgraded Our Music Archives – All 9 CDs!

New Photo Album Archives Unveiled! More To Come!

The Journey continues…

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Magic Looking Glass
(The “Watching You” Theme Song)


Magic, magic looking glass,

Let them know we see their ass.

Being good is such a task,

That’s why we love our looking glass!

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Mario’s Predictions For The Trump Presidency

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Good Newz, Bad Newz, & the Other Shit!

Nearly 7 weeks after hurricane, more than 50% of Puerto Rico power generation offline

After Irma and Maria: How 3 Spots on the US Virgin Islands Are Faring

Texas Shooter’s Ex-Wife Says She Lived in Constant Fear of Him

Racism in schools: Battleground shifts across many realms


Weekly Trump Disaster Update

Trump Attacks Kim Jong Un In Bizarre Twitter Rant: ‘I Would Never Call Him Short And Fat.’

How to survive Thanksgiving if you have to spend it with diehard Trump supporters

Poll: Nearly half of white Southerners feel like they’re under attack

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Mario’s Marijuana 4 Dummies

The Miseducation of Marijuana

Colorado girl sues Jeff Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide


Vets with PTSD Can Apply to Use Medical Marijuana Legally, New York Gov. Announces on Veterans Day

How Veterans Are Leading the Fight for Cannabis Reform


Las Vegas opens marijuana drive-thru; first of its kind in the country


In The Age Of Legalization, Talking To Kids About Marijuana Gets Tougher


Cannabis lube is now a thing; top gynaecologist speaks out


Michigan cops will use mouth swab tests to weed out drugged drivers


Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel is an extremely sativa-dominant hybrid strain. These pungent flowers smell of lemon, pine and skunk. It does not take much of this strain to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain. The long lasting effects are characterized by a stimulating, euphoric buzz of content cerebral spaciness that can cause the heart to race a bit.


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Animoto Of The Week
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Weekly Music Freebies

Free Pax Stereo Download Of The Week:


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Happy Time!


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Nu New Sportz


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