Cheshy is a highly talented singer and half of a full-service production team that consists of an exceptional vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist. Based in Los Angeles, this dynamic duo specializes in creating exceptional music that blends funk, soul, and house, but they are equally versatile in other genres such as pop, R&B, trap, hip-hop, and country music.

As a classically trained musician with two decades of experience, Cheshy is a master at creating and producing exceptional music from start to finish. From writing and providing vocals, toplines, and backgrounds to private releases, video games, streaming, jingles, and commercial placements, Cheshy is a sync specialist who can help you create the perfect soundtrack for your project.

Whether you need smooth and pure vocals or something funkier and more soulful, Cheshy has the vocal delivery that will match your project’s requirements. She can also adapt her cuts to any project, making her the ideal vocalist for EDM, classical, R&B, soul, house, old-school, funk, disco, lyrical, and pop.

Cheshy’s experience and expertise are highly sought after, and she has worked on many exciting projects throughout her career. Her recent compositions, “Penthouse” and “Bad as I Wanna Be,” premiered on season 2 of HBOMAX’s The Hype, showcasing her exceptional talent and creativity.

If you need a quick and seamless experience for your music project, Cheshy is your go-to person. With her same-day rush service, she can write, record, and deliver your project within a matter of hours. So why wait? Contact Cheshy today to discuss your musical needs and create something truly exceptional together.