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“Friends With Benefits” – The New Album by MHem (“em-hem

Introducing MHem: A Fresh Sonic Experience

🎵 Dive into the soulful rhythms and electrifying beats of MHem’s debut album – “Friends With Benefits.” This isn’t just music; it’s an experience crafted meticulously from the living room couch of the talented producer and mixer, Mario Hemsley.

🌟 Special Feature: The album boasts the dynamic vocals of Derran Day, continuing the legacy of musical greatness from his lineage – Morris Day of The Time.

Derran Day – The Voice Of  The Project

🎧 Available NOW on all major platforms:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes
  • Amazon

🔗 Don’t miss out! Tune in to the new sound of MHem:

Join the musical journey and be part of the wave that recognizes the next big thing in the music industry. Embrace the artistry. Feel the vibe. Become part of the MHem Community. Welcome!

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