In Episode #4 subject and biographer lock horns over the good old days, and a darker side of the force is revealed, allowing the view of the Jedi Council  to be questioned. Just how DID we get this way?

Unscripting Mario Hemsley is a recurring series, and represents an evolution of the traditional biography writing process. The subject is Mario Hemsley, and the biographer is his long time collaborator, Emel Bonty. Typically biographers spend many hours interviewing and taking notes about their subjects, but Pax Stereo has again elevated the process to a new plane. Now the interviews are a video process, and with today’s new apps, the videos are transcribed and made searchable, streamlining the process and shaving months off the time required. Come and enjoy this evolving process, and get ready for a unique insight into an amazing person. (10-18-17)

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