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Wake Up! I know… your mind’s on tomorrow’s election, which seems to be way more important than we ever imagined. So we take a moment to recognize the obvious uniqueness of having everyone gearing up for the Mid-Term elections, and the stress underlying it all. We also take a moment to congratulate model and actress Kenya Moore, a new mother at 47 years of age. Bravo Kenya! And just to make sure you don’t feel too sad with all the political dirt, we bring two wonderful laughable animal vids that are sure to make you smile.


  • Newz: Young Jews In Pittsburgh Suffer The “Shock Of Recognition” After Synagogue Massacre
  • Marijuana 4 Dummies: Things To Consider When Choosing To Invest In Marijuana Stocks
  • Nu New Sportz: Rams Go  Toe-to-Toe with Saints and Brees Still Wins, Lakers Flatline & What is 1968?
  • HOtt PiXX: How Safe Are You Really When Living In the US Top 10 Disaster States?

In the Newz, today young Jews in Pittsburgh don’t feel safe. In the aftermath of the synagogue massacre, they now are feeling targeted simply for being themselves. In a moment of reflection and memory, we send our prayers and blessings to all those affected who are now undergoing the “shock of recognition”. The stirring experience most black folks remember well; the moment you came to understand people were going to hate you for being you. We take a moment to remind those youth struggling to understand, for all those who hate you, even more of us stand with you. VOTE.

In Marijuana 4 Dummies, we know you’re excited, but investing in the marijuana boom in nothing to rush into. Like all investment strategies, things depend on your age and many factors, including just when you need to have all this marijuana profit money in hand. Our guru shares his personal strategy. Shhhhh…

In Sportz, the Toronto Raptors are the real deal as the Los Angeles Lakers were easily dominated by the Raptors without Kawhi Leonard 121-107. The Luke Walton hot seat is getting warm with the continued lackluster defense by the Lakers after ten games. Which Quarterback would you choose between Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers with one game and an average team? We feature the AFC-NFC top five trending teams after week nine. What is 1968 and do you know Australian sprinter Peter Norman? 

In HOtt PiXX, are we complacent in our day to day living, and do always conclude the people got it bad based on their own luck or karma? Do you live in one of the U.S. top ten disaster states, and if so, why do you stay? We go through the list of states and how many disasters each state has suffered through over the years.


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