Pax Stereo Tv Weekly Update – Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Experiment Continues! Vic and I are testing the System because we did a lot of lighting upgrades, there were a ton of Windows Updates, and we needed to be sure things would work. Of course, we initially had some audio problems, which were quickly fixed thanks to the help of fans who were watching. Thanks for your support!


Breaking News

  • Roku Adds 6 Pax Stereo Channels To It’s Listing
  • Pax Stereo 247 (Live Broadcast)
  • Pax Stereo
  • HOtt PiXX by Vic
  • Morning Coffee With Mario Wake Up
  • Morning Coffee With Mario Newz
  • Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz


Business Update

  • Virtual Office In Playa Vista, California

12777 West Jefferson Blvd, 

Building D, 3rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90066

  • Jada Salazar Starts School @ USC


Broadcast Update

  • Fall Season Begins Monday, September 23rd
  • New Series: Diaries of the Conquerors


Technology Update

  • New 4K Expansion
  • New 4K Editing System Coming
  • New Lighting & Cameras
  • Victor Allen’s New Bike Treks
  • Mario & Vic Premiere As Urban Documentarians


Social Media

  • Pax Stereo Tv Partners With GoDaddy Social


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