Our prayers go out to all those affected by the California wild fires, not just the people affected but also the wild life. One of the things affected is wine and weed production, as these bi-products of the region are also severely affected. Guess what? The Ukrainians implicated in the Trump impeachment were planning a big investment in… yes, marijuana! The good news of the week is really the opening of the Lowell Cafe (www.lowellcafe.com) in Los Angeles, featuring gourmet food and their own complimentary strains of marijuana.

Morning Coffee With Mario is Pax Stereo’s flagship AM series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by Pax Stereo guru Mario Hemsley with co-host Victor Allen, Morning Coffee will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. Includes Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz and HOtt PiXX by Vic. Live Mondays @ 10AM PST.  (10-14-19)

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