It’s Week #5 for our season, and Los Angeles has got it both good and very bad. Fires are surrounding the city and residents are scared, but when it comes to happenings and sports, LA is definitely where it’s at. Prayers go out to residents affected, and these are truly confusing and trying times.


In the Wake Up, it’s hot in Los Angeles, and that is just not right. But we are also out of coffee, so the heat makes it a little easier to do without. A lot is changed around our city, the Lakers and the Clippers have become the place to be, and LA is rocking! Happening in our world, we take a moment to honor our fallen soldier, Elijah Cummings, and our own Meko delivers her home grown inner city watermelon for our indulgement. Come on down!

In the Newz,the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich debacle continues, and we STILL don’t know when we will get a taste. Damn! Mario brings a crazy, out of control cat, and that is a perfect lead in for the ongoing debacle that is the looming Donald Trump impeachment. We also acknowledge the passing of our beloved soldier, Elijah Cummings.

In Marijuana 4 Dummies, in a personal moment, Marijuana For Dummies host Mario Hemsley shares his personal experiences with marijuana, and reveals why he never intends to ever stop smoking the weed again.

In Sportz, the best African American female athletes are reviewed and compared with Rankers database of opinion. The most anticipated NBA season kick-off in history will have an asterisk. World Series odds favors heavily the Houston Astros over the Washington Nationals, with game 1 scheduled against the NBA season kick-off. LA Rams, with a notable assist from DB Jalen Ramsey, defeated the Atlanta Falcons to snap a three game losing streak. In the LA Rams’ Gurley Town, Todd Gurley’s latest review is not impressive.

In HOtt PiXX, when a dance craze goes viral, the success is not measured by how well the fans and celebrities emulate the dance. It’s measured by the attempt to capture the moment, and we have plenty of examples as we review the most viral hip hop dance crazes. Viral artist music includes Beyonce, Migos, Soulja Boy,Drake, Terror Squad, and Silento.

Morning Coffee With Mario is Pax Stereo’s flagship AM series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by Pax Stereo guru Mario Hemsley with co-host Victor Allen, Morning Coffee will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. Includes Victor Allen’s Nu New Sportz and HOtt PiXX by Vic. Live Mondays @ 10AM PST.  (10-21-19)

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