Morning Coffee With Mario – The Complete Full Live Streamed Broadcast (7-25-22)

We’re back! Yes, we are back after a rocky start to the month of July. Our guru turned 66, and promptly came down with Covid despite being triple vaccinated. Oh well, but now all is good and we are glad to be back because there is a lot to talk about. Morning Coffee With Mario (7-25-22)  

The January 6th Hearing: Are you watching this vital moment in American history? If not, be sure to watch the archives online at YouTube and a number of other outlets. This is a “must see”, and let’s see if at the end you believe your lying eyes. We are betting you will.

Global Warming: This is the shocker that is affecting the world as we watch horrified in real time. The question is could this all be real, but we know we REALLY don’t want the answer. Is this going to be a deal breaker in the midterm elections? Should it be? Maybe it’s time for all of us to speak up.

Thailand Travel: Yes, our guru is headed to Thailand. Bangkok specifically, and no, it’s not about the beautiful females, but there certainly are a lot of them. At 66 and perpetually single, this is an adventure in the making. Mario heads to Thailand.

Pediatric News: The sad news is some are promoting “20 minutes of activity daily” for some teens, researchers fear Covid may be having effects on pregnant women and their babies, white children get more imaging in emergency rooms, and sex assignment surgeries for intersex children  are increasingly outlawed around the world.

Mario Hemsley is the creator and host of “Morning Coffee With Mario”, Pax Stereo’s flagship series featuring reality talk and centering on today’s talk worthy events. Hosted by the Pax Stereo guru himself with co-host Victor Allen, the Morning Coffee Team will wake you up with insight and humor that will have you thinking and laughing out loud. 

Victor Allen is the co-host of “Morning Coffee With Mario”, a Producer of Social Media Content, and a Real Time Mobile Interactive Integration Influencer. He is a co-producer and creator of webisodes with partner Mario Hemsley, and the host and originator of The Local Zone.
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