Morning Coffee With Mario Special Edition

Summer Season 2017 Begins Monday, June 19th

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Mario’s Predictions For The Trump Presidency


 Where We Are Today

Summary Of The Calamity
No Staff

What All This Says About The President
What plan?

Patterns Are Relevant
This is how we do it!

We Assume He Is Guilty
Yes, we do.

Comparisons To Watergate
Inevitable, isn’t it?

The Cover-Up vs. The Crime
This is always the case.


What To Expect

More Melt Downs & Loss Of Composure

Potential Conflicts With The Special Counsel

Mueller’s Plan: Don’t Get Fired

The Information Revealed In Less Than 120 Days

Impeachment Moves Forward

Pence Goes Too

The New President

Criminal Charges Get Filed: It’s Treason

Laws To Protect Our Future


Reaching Out To Trump Supporters