The Waiting Game by Starship Orchestra

The Waiting Game by Starship Orchestra

“Celestial Sky” is a 1978 album by the Starship Orchestra, which was a project led by the jazz drummer and producer Norman Connors. The album features the soulful vocals of Jean Carn on several tracks, including the song “The Waiting Game”.

“The Waiting Game” is a smooth, mid-tempo jazz-funk track with lush orchestration and tight grooves. Carn’s soulful vocals add a touch of sweetness to the song’s introspective lyrics, which touch on themes of patience and perseverance in the face of adversity. The track showcases the Starship Orchestra’s sophisticated blend of jazz, funk, and soul, and is a testament to the group’s talent as musicians and composers.

The Starship Orchestra was a jazz-funk group that was formed in the late 1970s by drummer and producer Norman Connors. The group released several albums throughout the 1970s, including their self-titled debut album in 1976, which featured the hit single “Criminal World.” They followed this up with albums like “Celestial Sky” and “The Starship Orchestra Featuring Michael Henderson” in 1978, and “Astral Traveling” in 1979.

Norman Connors, who was also a jazz drummer and producer, played a key role in the formation and success of the Starship Orchestra. He had previously worked with artists like Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and Pharaoh Sanders, and went on to produce albums for artists like Jean Carn and Phyllis Hyman. His fusion of jazz, funk, and soul helped to create the distinctive sound of the Starship Orchestra.


Jean Carn is an American jazz and R&B singer known for her smooth and soulful vocals. She first gained recognition in the mid-1970s as a lead vocalist for the jazz fusion group The Blackbyrds, with whom she recorded several albums.

After leaving The Blackbyrds, Jean Carn embarked on a successful solo career in the late 1970s and 1980s, releasing several critically acclaimed albums that blended jazz, R&B, and soul. She scored a number of hit singles, including “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head,” “Love Don’t Love Nobody,” and “Was That All It Was.”

Jean Carn is highly regarded among fans of jazz and soul music for her impeccable vocal skills, emotive delivery, and ability to bring life to any song she sings. She continues to perform and record music to this day.