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17 thoughts on “EyeMax Multi-View Room

  1. Victor Allen says:

    Day 2 of Morning Coffee returns, fall season new format! Still working on a few bugs! I’m still working out the smooth transitions with the new format of Periscope & Meerkat!

  2. Victor Allen says:

    Next weeks Morning Coffee live should be a little smoother and timely!

  3. Victor Allen says:

    Morning Coffee showtime today @ 10AM PST! How can we beat this heat? Come chill with Mario Hemsley, Meko Williams and yours truly! Sept 14th, 2015. My Nu New Sportz (NFL Week 1 Fantasy Highs & Lows. HOtt PiXX Burning Man “Laws of Attraction”.

  4. Victor Allen says:

    FYI – You may already know of the several ways to watch our live stream shows! Select your choice of viewing alternatives in the menu above under “WATCH”! In addition, smart device viewing at, our membership site & Neourban site viewing

  5. Victor Allen says:

    PAX STEREO LIVE BROADCAST ALERT! TUES. OCT 20TH, 10AM PST! Morning Coffee w/Mario Show!

  6. Victor Allen says:

    Well, if you decide to hang around! Nu New Sportz & HOtt PiXX baby!
    Someone inquired as to why i do the segments? I replied, why not?

  7. Victor Allen says:

    Tuesday live evening broadcast begins @7PM PST! w/ DJ Meko Pre-show! Warming you up for Mario Hemsley’s Quiet Storm DJ Interactive!

  8. Victor Allen says:

    Quiet Storm DJ Interactive Live! “Cozy Fireside Romance” is the theme! 8PM PST! First 45min – an hour, pre-programmed music/videos! Followed by your request (First Come-First Served)!

  9. Victor Allen says:

    Meko sends her regrets for not being here tonight for our Triple-banger live series.

  10. Victor Allen says:

    We applaud Meko for her desire and commitment and appreciate her dedication!

  11. Victor Allen says:

    The shows must go on and let’s give a shoutout to Mario Hemsley’s Quiet Storm Interactive!

  12. Victor Allen says:

    Dec 15th, 2015 – Our Triple Banger Tuesday Multi-Stream Live Shows begins @ 7PM PST!

  13. Victor Allen says:

    We will be without Meko Williams tonight. Our prayers and blessings go out to her family as she deals with a personal matter.

  14. Victor Allen says:

    R.I.P. David Bowie 69 – He gave a new meaning to the word FAME! The guitar & bass arrangement in #David Bowie’s FAME is one of a kind.

  15. Victor Allen says:

    Michael Douglas Carlin, live at Pax Stereo Tv, Wednesday, January 27th, 7PM PST!

  16. HI everyone! Getting my playlist ready for the Quiet Storm.

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